Easy Peasy Tortellini

I wanted some pasta this afternoon and I didn't wanna wait an eternity of making anything from scratch. It was this or the drive-thru and frankly I get more bang for my buck at the grocery store. (I'm trying to turn a new financial leaf here.)  So I had to think sharp and fast. What does one do when thou stomach rumbles in the grocery aisle? 

Besides buying endless snacks, you get some help from jars and bags. Let's go..



1.5 cups of your fave bruschetta mix

1.5 cups of your fave frozen tortellini (I used plain cheese)

1/2 cup of the pasta water set aside

1 cup of chopped kale

1/2 cup of sliced crimini mushrooms

1 tbsp of worcesteshire sauce

1 light drizzle of agave or honey

few drops of lemon juice

2 tbsp of light cooking oil (I like olive and avocado)

1 pinch of salt

1 pinch of pepper

1 pinch of chili powder

1 clove of chopped garlic

1 tsp of fresh chopped parsley

fresh grated parmesan to taste


1. Prepare your tortellini as instructed. Strain it (saving 1/2 cup of the water), toss it with a bit of oil and set it aside.

2. Grab a bowl. Mix your mushrooms, 1/2 the parsley, all seasonings, lemon juice, worcesteshire, agave/honey and garlic together with 1 tsp of oil. 

3. Heat a sauté pan over med-high heat with the remaining oil.  Once the oil is almost smoking, add in the mushrooms and cook them until golden brown. Drain them.

4. In a seperate sauté pan, add in you bruschetta mix and water. Bring it to a simmer for 3 min. or until slightly reduced. 

5. Toss the mushrooms into the sauce along with the pasta and kale. Top with fresh parm and the remaining parsley. Enjoy!