Have a chef cater your Shindig!


You should be able to get food that's ridiculously good for you conveniently......and we promise it doesn't have to taste like cardboard. 

Remote location and In-home chef services are our speciality.

FeedShine is Richmond's premiere plant based chef service for the following services for the following lifestyles:

1. Catering (see menu here, custom menus available)

2. Pop-Up Catering (Like a food truck w/o the truck, $0 upfront)

3. Pop-Up Dinners (Public and Private locations)

4. Plant Based Demos (pricing below)

5. Public Speaking focused on empowerment & Holistics


  • clean & healthy eaters
  • vegans
  • vegetarians
  • gluten-freers
  • dairy-freers
FeedShine takes plant based cooking and flips it inside out. Plants can be dope, delicious and fun to eat.

And they don’t compromise taste for health!


Flat rate pricing: 

Option 1  Live Plant Based Demos:  3 recipes, shopping guidance, cooking demo and samples for a max of 40 ppl $750 (includes groceries pending food cost)
*All other services have varying prices dependent upon the details of the event.

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You can also email us directly at inspiration@feedshine.com


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