"Finding your purpose" is a something I know  you've heard a million times. You've probably googled how to do it just as many. And you still wind up stumped by the end of scanning a bunch of articles on Forbes and searching Amazon for the perfect book to help you do it.

But here's the thing…..you can't discover something that already exists.

Ain't that what we learned about Christopher Columbus? He didn't discover shit....he just came to a realization that other people already knew.

And the same goes for you.

We each have a gift. I refuse to believe that anyone on this earth was born for the hell of it. You were created on purpose WITH a purpose, otherwise you wouldn't have made it out the birth canal....even if your folks didn't "plan" you.

You are still here. And that ain't no mistake.

But the problem is that we often don't think we have a gift because we see it as not being “good enough”. We can easily turn on the tv or radio and spot other people's gifts but we will shit on our own abilities.


Imagine if barbers and hairstylists never saw playing with hair as purposeful. Or if clothing designers saw stitching patches of fabric together as pointless.

Thank God they they think otherwise because we'd all be outchea looking rough as hell.

Do you see what I'm saying though?

Your gift could be knitting, or making coloring books or playing with flowers. And each of us needs you to realize that shit.

It's a whole lot of things that I'm not good at that I rely on other people to do for me:

- plumbing
- furniture craftsmanship
- HVAC work
- mechanic work
- shoe design
- mobile app engineers  & phone case architects


This list goes on...but you get my point.


If they weren't using their gifts, I'd be shit up a creek.

And there are people out there that need me to NOT DOUBT my abilities so I can help them solve their problems in turn.


So how do you cross the bridge from doubt to knowing?


Start looking at the things that genuinely excite you. No matter how outlandish you may think it is to make a living from it. (This crazy ass white man named Thomas Edison thought he could create light in a bulb once). Oh and ask your friends and relatives what service they would come to you for if they needed help.

Embrace the things that you love to do off the clock and let them lead you to the land of possibility.

You CAN get paid to play for a living. There is someone that needs what you are doubting you have to offer.

But you can't start until you realize the magic you possess in this moment right now. We all need each other to accept, access and share the things we are good at in order to help create the world we want to live in. We are the source of change we seek.

So stop trying to find something that already exists….Your purpose has been there all along.

It’s just waiting for you to notice it.