The 5 Day Detox Box

Detox Box Instructions-2.png
Detox Box Instructions-2.png

The 5 Day Detox Box

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Curious about holistic living or in need of a simpler way to get your detox needs home? 

Packed in one box are 6 powerful ingredients to help you boost your health and perform at your highest levels:

  1. Yerba Mate Tea: 10 tea bags packed with antioxidants to increase mental clarity and zap fatigue

  2. Turmeric Powder with Black Pepper: helps prevent colds, helps fight depression, boosts metabolism & more....break these apart and add them to your tea or take em whole

  3. Mint Chlorophyll Drops with Spirulina: create detox water while on the go and boost your energy levels quickly

  4. Activated Charcoal: safety pull toxins from your body that weigh you down, helps clear skin from the inside out....take them whole or break em apart to make DIY cleansing masks too

* every person that orders will receive a access to a special tutorial on how to best utilize the box

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