"FeedShine is the result of my own journey towards healing me.

I wanted to make self-actualization more approachable." 

A few years after moving from Atlanta to Richmond, VA to pursue corporate America after abandoning my dreams of being a chef, I went through a quarterlife crisis (don't laugh, these are very real) and what I thought I knew about my life crumbled before my eyes. 

I had it all: the money, the job title, the image of success. 
But that's all it was...an image.

Everything I was taught to strive for as a child was mine....and yet...I was completely miserable (and extremely depressed).

I realized I was living a lie. I didn't know who's life I was living but it definitely wasn't what I wanted. Or what I knew I could really have if I sucked it up. 

From birth, we learn to figure out who we are through everything but ourselves.

We listen to family, school, media, etc. We learn very early on to become obedient to everything but us (because who are we to think that alone is good enough? 


Then we look up and are completely lost. While searching for "better", we abandon what we truly know: ourselves

The things that once provided sanctuary are no longer satisfying....and the journey within begins...

Self-actualization has always had an image of being this sort of dull yet complicated and daunting task only suited for certain classes of people. I mean look at the word. Or is it two words?

My point. 

What I've found with my own life is that finding yourself can be a pretty dope experience. I also realized that there are practical tools that can help us level up in all areas sitting right under our noses.  

We must simply learn (and remember with honesty) who we truly are and embrace that fearlessly so we can share it with each other. That's the real key to success no one tells you about. Life can be fun and you can be yourself while living it.


You can do this.

You can turn your life ON

Let me show you how....

- Keva Miller CEO - FeedShine LLC|

* Speaker & Chef Specializing in education on Vegan, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Clean Diets That include meat and self-actualization*